Our Story


The brand  

CAYO knitwear is designed in Ireland and created in Italy by expert knitters with the finest quality premium, 100% Peruvian alpaca wool which is custom made for CAYO. A piece of CAYO knitwear is one of the softest, most luxurious and long lasting pieces you will ever own. A knitted piece you can enjoy for years to come and feel good about buying. We believe luxury doesn’t have to harm the planet and we commit to always be accountable and transparent.

The idea

When we started doing some market research we were shocked to see the amount of clothes that contained 70% or more newly created plastic, there are many different types of plastic with names you might not even recognize as plastic. We decided our pieces would only be made from naturally derived or recycled materials. Our labels, swing tags and boxes are all made with natural, recyclable materials. The reason we chose premium Alpaca wool to create our jumpers is because it is more sustainable to farm Alpacas than a lot of other animals who yield luxury yarns such as Mohair rabbits, Angora or Cashmere goats. Click here to read about some of the many reasons why our jumpers made with 100% premium Alpaca wool is a better choice.

Our values

Inline with our values our jumpers are season-less, we promote slow fashion, we want you to get lots of wear out of our pieces. 

We can always do better so will continue to learn and look for ways to make our products and processes even more sustainable. Having great quality pieces made in a considered way will always be paramount for CAYO.

About the designer 

The company was born out of an idea to create a unique, luxury product that you will have and love for years to come. Having a long lasting product, made in a considered way was essential for founder Orla Daly. After a trip to South America and discovering Alpaca wool Orla started looking into this wool more and wondered why it was not more widely available as it is a lot more sustainable to keep Alpacas than lots of other animals who yield luxury yarns such as Mohair rabbits, Angora or Cashmere goats. Creating contemporary designs with soft, luxurious Alpaca wool was the perfect fit for the debut collection.

Creating CAYO has long been a dream for Orla, and the whole process from the seed of the idea to developing it into a finished product was done with a goal of creating beautiful pieces in an ethical and sustainable way. Along with a team of very talented professionals, this brand was brought to life.